Stitching Memories and Mending Hearts

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Stitching Memories and Mending Hearts

by Linda Maxime


I mend hearts through stitching the fabrics provided to me by my clients, from the clothes of those they have loved but lost. I stitch those memories into new things to cherish, including making quilts, pillows, bags, purses, and wall hangings.


Most of us have clothes we have from those close to us but who moved on that carry memories that are hard us to part with. And so, why part with them? I utilize my experience in sewing to blend those fabrics from lives shared into new possessions that can be utilized for years to come.

Most people do not have the equipment or experience to reuse irreplaceable fabrics into new items, and so, I provide the expertise to produce those from them. In doing so, I strive to honor memories in a way that can help to mend sorrowful hearts. We lose those we love, but we need not lose all the things we loved with them and about them.


I begin my design process by meeting with my clients and talking about the clothes that they wish to utilize in quilts or other products I create, and about the memories they represent. Together, we talk about how the fabrics can represent a new creation, and my service uses years of experience and skilled artisan skills to bring them to life.

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