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Flash Welding and Fabrication LLC

Excellence in Welding

The vision for “Flash Welding and Fabrication” is to be recognized as a nationwide and international company, that our clients’ expectations are exceeded. While maintaining the safety of our employees as an expanding company with quality unique craftsmanship.


When the job is on the line call the team, who has been successful in time sensitive projects. We at Flash Welding and Fabrication LLC, will plan and orchestrate your project to be the most efficient and budget friendly.






At Flash Welding and Fabrication LLC we provide the following services but not limited to,


Structural -SMAW, GTAW, MIG

Pipe -SMAW


The three (3) types of welding procedures all consist of SMAW, GTAW, MIG. On various types of metal including carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome, and Inconel.


Oxygen/acetylene cutting

Plasma arc cutting

Industrial CAD/CAM/CNC cutting table

Roustabout Services

Bolt up (piping)

Pipe threading

Equipment operation

Transporting materials

Repairing equipment

Pad Maintenance



Snow removal

Dirt placement/removal


Water hauling

Solid transporting

Pumping (Lease operator)

Data entry

Field maintenance

Reading of gauges/tank levels





About Me

Alicia Maxime Smith Co-owner/Office manager of “Flash Welding and Fabrication LLC.”

I am originally from British Columbia, Canada. I moved to the U.S in 90’s where I spent most of my childhood moving amongst Washington State and Downers Grove, Illinois. I moved back to Canada in 2001 where I graduated from AL Fortune in Enderby and moved onto College in Vancouver, BC.

After completing school, I decided to move to Alberta to be closer to family and friends where I got into the “Oil & Gas” industry which became a passion of computer and administrative work. In 2011 I met and moved back to the U.S with my now husband Gordon Smith who has been a welder for well over 15 years. I started working alongside Gordon in 2015 in refineries and in the oil field. I got firsthand the experience of knowing what goes on in the field and the work that goes into each project.

We have taken our experience and knowledge from traveling the country and have incorporated it into our now operating business, which we have done with both his and I experience in the field, as well as what goes into operating the administrative tasks in the office. Our company and office are currently based and operated in North Dakota where we currently reside.




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