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Green Transportation and Tourism in Enderby

E Bike rentals is aiming to begin operations as soon as (insert start date). With the completion of the North Okanagan rail trail from Armstrong to Sicamous there is an untouched tourism market available. In order to be established for this up-and-coming market, E-bike rentals will open with limited e bikes and limited hours. This will allow for the business to create a presence in the community, while allowing time to really grow in sync with the Rail Trail completion.

This mobile service brings e-bikes to you for your use throughout the Enderby-Grindrod area.  We operate during daylight hours, 365 days a year. E-bike rentals will provide service from Armstrong to Sicamous to tourists and locals alike. Self-guided tour maps and stories will be available on pdf and printed maps. Startup costs will be relatively low in the first year, as there will be limited number of E bikes offered to rent.

The Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail will be over 50 km of trail for biking and hiking from Armstrong through Enderby and all the way to Sicamous. The trail is owned by Splatsin in two different areas.

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This venture is an opportunity to share Splatsin with the world in an eco-friendly, environmentally responsible way. In comparison to other recreational activities in this area (tubing) this activity will encourage responsible actions from its patrons related to trash, trail etiquette, how to report activity on the trail and respecting mother nature. This activity will have far less impact on the environment than its competition of floating the Shuswap River.

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E Bike Rentals is a mobile electric bicycle company serving Enderby, Armstrong and Sicamous. E Bike rentals will be successful because The Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail is in the planning process, a test section of the trail is to be completed this summer. It will be over 50 km of trail for biking and hiking from Armstrong through Enderby and all the way to Sicamous. The trail is owned by Splatsin in two different areas. There were over 500,000 people on the Rail Trail in the Okanagan, it is projected that this portion of the trail will see 25% of the number of visitors in its first year. There is also a recent upswing in tourism in Enderby, BC with the discovery of tubing on the Shuswap River. There is an existing customer base, and a need for an ecofriendly, sustainable and environmentally responsible recreational activity in the area.

About Me

Vikki Tronson, owner-operator,  was born in Vernon, BC and spent the early years of my childhood growing up in Lumby, B.C.

“When I was in grade three my family moved to Alberta. I spent over 30 years living in Alberta, where I completed high school, attended college, earned an Emergency Medical Technician – Ambulance certificate and worked steadily in order to provide for myself. After many years working in the oilfield, my spouse and I welcomed two children into our busy lives. We decided to save up and move away from our busy yet fruitful lives in Alberta to a slower pace in B.C. We have somewhat recently returned to my home, Splatsin where I and my children are band members. We now reside on Enderby Indian Reserve No 2, and I am employed full time by the Splatsin Band in the Title and Rights department.

I have always had a passion for people. With my recent teachings from living and working in Splatsin, I have developed a passion for the land and people of the Secwepemc Nation. Our lands are sacred, we are to forever be the caretakers of our land. Tourism is at an all time high in the territory, specifically the Shuswap River and tubing. I aim to provide a tourist service that does not have such a negative impact on our water and lands, and instead facilitate an opportunity for the tourists to appreciate our tmicw. And learn about our Secwepemc people land and laws.

As a Secwepemc woman, living in home territory it is of extreme importance to protect and preserve as much of our tmicw (world) as possible. Electric bikes are a low impact solution to touring the rail trail and around the area for anyone looking for a leisurely ride over many kilometers, or even just a few.”

You can reach Vikki for more information at  *insert email*


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