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Our People

Our Co-op is as strong as its people, and our members are resilient, adaptive, intrepid and imaginative.

We prosper from the support network our co-operative provides, receiving inspiration, counsel, encouragement and advice in our business and life journeys.

By bravely facing the world as diverse members of the world community, and daring to go our own way to provide eco-friendly, community-based goods and services,

we live our philosophy every day – help the world, by helping at home. Be the person today you want to be tomorrow, by working for yourself, for your community

and for the good and green spaces of the earth. Share them with others, and encourage everyone to work as interconnected members of the world – sharing, helping,

enjoying life together.


If this sounds like you, who you would like to become and the sort of business principles you would like to follow, reach out to us today at info@white-buffalo-co-op.com

or apply for membership below. Tell us a bit about yourself, your business goals and your personal journey – we look forward to meeting you!

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